Yumilicious Frozen Yogurt

124 E. 4th Street
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Fine frozen Yogurt with fresh and exotic fruit toppings.
11 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily
Parking Garage 2


One of the first and finest self-serve frozen yogurt dessert lounges!  Yumilicious will elevate your senses through the exquisite taste in our fine frozen yogurt, synchronic sounds in music, and a radiant ambiance that will have you leaving with an experience thinking, "It's simply...the best!"

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Reviewed by Brian Luenser on
Was really wonderful yogurt. I have a pretty limited diet and was thrilled with the choices. (Like fresh Kiwi and blueberries and strawberries as toppings)

I will be back for sure. This was the Sundance Downtown Fort Worth location.
Reviewed by on
Excellent yogurt! They offer fat free, no sugar added in chocolate and vanilla. My favorite dessert.
Reviewed by Hayley on
Avacado yogurt with almonds. Yum

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