Sundance Square Plaza

Sundance Square Plaza

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Sundance Square Umbrellas
Four umbrellas cover an area of 80 feet by 80 feet and are operable to provide comfort with the greatest flexibility. The umbrella's are constructed of a telescopic mast, folding steel frame, and Teflon membrane structure. The Umbrellas' Teflon membrane (or fabric) was carefully chosen due to its structural properties and to safely handle the high wind speeds both in open and closed positions. The Fabric's weave allows for a specific light transmission level beneath the umbrellas to create a translucent shading vault above the plaza floor. These four umbrellas are intentionally spaced with a narrow gap to get a glimpse of the sky while providing an urban scaled ceiling for Sundance Square. The color of the fabric is a sandy white, however these giant beauties can also illuminate with color-changing LED lights for ambiance.

A permanent stage that can showcase live bands or a blockbuster movie; the possibilities are endless. This entertainment feature is set center stage below The Westbrook building directly below the new iconic clock tower.

Jetted Fountains
A 216 jetted fountain creates an ever-changing display, with plumes of water darting gracefully into the air or simply steady just a few inches off the ground. This water feature is great to run through on a hot summer day or simply to watch the pattern at play. The water can illuminate for visual beauty and is definitely a sight to see and feel.

The fountain is currently programmed to run a 20 minute show at the top of every hour and half hour.*
*The fountains will be turned off when temperatures are below 40 degrees and/or when an event is taking place.

At the West side of Sundance Square is a fountain comprised of a water membrane and a random, but designed, layout of programmable vertical jets. The design intent of this fountain is to provide a unified sense of place with a strong water character. The membrane pool is a rectangle, 52' x 60' (3,120 SF). The water depth of the membrane pool is ¼" and the water drains away when a dry space is desired. The finish pattern of the membrane pool is an exact match to the pattern of its adjacent surrounding plaza. The material of the fountain is red granite in a textured, non-slip finish. Water is supplied through a linear trough in the feature's center, flush with the surface of the membrane pool. The feature has 216 smoothbore nozzles creating vertical jets reaching a maximum height of 12'. The nozzles are arranged in 3 distinct programmable groups. Individual, variable speed display pumps drive each of the 3 groups. There is an additional 4th group at the eastern edge of the feature which will be on during smaller events on the Sundance Square Stage. The vertical jets are lit by adjacent underwater-rated, low voltage, LED fixtures producing a white light. These 216 jetted fixtures are flush with the feature finish level and set below a non-slip stainless steel grating.

Wave Wall Fountain
This fountain is at the Northeast side of Sundance Square Plaza. This fountain provides a connection between the upper and lower levels of the Plaza as well as a dynamic fountain event in the way of 'Soliton' waves cascading over water steps. The upper pool is 65 feet long and raised 18" above the surrounding surface. The back wall of the pool is low to allow people to view the wave water events. The upper pool contains two, custom built 'vacuum chambers' that create the soliton waves, emanating from either side of the pool. These waves move towards each other, spilling over the water steps in programmed patterns. The finishes of this pool are granite. A stepped cascade connects the upper and lower pools. This cascade extends the entire 65 foot length of the fountain. This cascade is built from concrete and finished in granite. The waters are captured in a recessed reception pool covered by a custom, stainless steel grating. This pool also extends the entire 65’ length of the fountain. This lower pool contains white, LED lighting. There are 28 lights. The lower pool also has a custom profile stone curb. This cascading wave wall will enhances the experience and bring a serene sound to the east side of Sundance Square Plaza.

Commemorative Fountain
This fountain is a small, ‘European’ style fountain of the type often found in courtyards. It is attached to the west wall of the Jett Building. The fountain is a limestone-clad basin with granite interior walls. A brass spout on the wall spills into a GFRC cowhead capital. The cowhead is a scaled-up version of a plaster maquette. Two spouts from the cowhead spill into the basin. The basin is planted with water plants. All waters are recirculated and the cowhead capital is lit with 5 beautiful underwater lights.

Sundance Square Plaza Events

Building News

We've added three Class A buildings with plenty of space for offices, stores, and restaurants. Plus a spectacular new gathering place: the Sundance Square Plaza.

The new centerpiece of downtown Fort Worth! Sundance Square Plaza is a vibrant, engaging space that can host a huge variety of events while meeting the everyday needs of workers, residents, and tourists. The permanent, multi-purpose stage can be configured for large and small concerts, movies and more. Beautiful, decorative water fountains feature ever-changing waterfalls and cascades. Four giant umbrellas covering more than 6,400 feet provide shade by day and a gorgeous light display at night. The 55,000-square foot space also features a multi-purpose pavilion, bicycle racks, light and sound, seating and gorgeous landscaping.

The Westbrook | 425 Houston Street

This six-story, 93,000-square-foot building is named after the Westbrook Hotel, one of the grandest in Fort Worth's history. The handsome facade will feature a mix of granite, limestone, brick, and decorative aluminum, with a stunning clock tower at the top. A permanent stage is attached to this beautiful building and will feature a variety of entertainment throughout the year. Taco Diner will have a 3,000 SF restaurant with patio seating facing into the Plaza and Starbucks Coffee Company moved into the northeast corner of The Westbrook and will has an outdoor seating area as well. This particular location will be unique as it will feature The Clover Brewing System, a unique machine that brews your delicious, personal fresh cup of coffee. 

Commerce Building | 420 Commerce Street

Five stories tall with more than 83,000 square feet, the Commerce Building is broken into three distinct parts, including a center facade featuring four-story, high-arched brick window bays. This building opened in October 2013. Del Frisco's Grille has a 9,000 SF two-story restaurant with outdoor seating on the Plaza and Bird Cafe, opposite, with more than 8,700 SF of indoor and outdoor dining space. Covered patios and views of the Plaza are a spectacular sight to see.  

The Cassidy  | 407 Throckmorton Street

At 99,000 square feet, The Cassidy is the largest of the three new buildings. The six-story structure will be L-shaped, with retail and restaurants on the ground floor and luxury apartments on the top floor. The Cassidy is scheduled to open in 2014.

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Construction Time Lapse, courtesy of Brian Luenser ©

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